Monday, October 10, 2005

Weekend in DC

Well, Pat and I had another great weekend in DC, although it was a bit hectic driving up there on Friday afternoon and returning on Sunday. We endured quite a bit of rain on the drive up, and we were troubled by a wiper blade that I had just replaced (the refill) the day before. However, we arrived safely and stayed in Roslyn, right across the Potomac River from DC, and just minutes away from where our son Ben lives on Capitol Hill. We were able to spend some time with Ben and Sarah throughout the weekend, trying to make some plans for this wedding Dec. 17. Saturday AM we were able to do a little shopping, which included replacing the wiper blade that was giving us trouble. We had lunch with Ben and Sarah at a nearby Quizno's and I could go into some detail about the cashier who complained quite a bit about her feet killing her, but I will save that for later. Saturday afternoon Ben had some previous plans and so Pat and I went to see the American History Museum. Again, we had to endure a bit of rain all day. After a bit of driving around and considering where to eat dinner, we headed back to the hotel to rest up a bit. We headed out for Pier 7 on the waterfront, and the rain had finally stopped so we enjoyed a short walk in. While waiting for our order, we noticed one gentleman in a white coat working like a textile worker on piece rate cleaning the tables, which involved taking off the soiled tablecloth, and all the dirty dishes, and setting a new table, (which involved bringing the water glasses.) Not only was his job tough enough, but he had two bosses in suits barking orders to him, telling him to hurry up. (I suppose they were just doing their jobs.) On Sunday, we were able to worship again with Ben and Sarah at Capitol Hill Baptist. We always love the singing, and the prayers. I enjoy hearing Mark Dever preach, and this sermon was able to keep most everyone's attention through the entire hour. (Yes, the sermon lasts for one solid hour.) The topic was marriage, and the text was I Cor. 7. Mark has a unique ability to expound God's Word, and he used it very well Sunday. After a pot-luck meal downstairs we took a few pics (which I don't have developed yet) of Ben and Sarah. (I did attatch a couple of Ben and Sarah's engagement photos.) We said our goodbyes to the bride and groom-to-be, and then we headed to the Viet Nam War Memorial and the Korean War Memorial. We had to park a good distance away, and that forced us to make our way by the stature of Albert Einstein (on Constitution.) So Pat took a few pics when we could get a shot with no people in the way. There were quite a number of folks visiting those two war memorials, so we moved along with respect for those who were remembering their loved ones. We had a nice drive along the Potomac, just above the water level, and then another somewhat elevated from the water. We took an exit and made our way to Virginia Ave., and we rode right by the Watergate Hotel. (I am sure you young folks studied about Watergate in history class.) We headed back across the river taking the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge, and then to the Iwo Jima Memorial in Roslyn. The photo I have attatched is known to be the most reproduced photo in the history of photography. What I found interesting about this memorial is that it is dedicated to all the Americans who gave their lives for their country since Nov. 10, 1775. This memorial was well attended as well. This is one you should see. Just about a 100 yards away from this is some structure that was presented to the US by the people of the Netherlands. It had stairs and railings, stood about 50 ft. tall, but we aren't sure what it is except a place to view the land. We then headed for NC--quite a long evening of driving, but we are thankful to have arrived safely in Kernersville.

Monday, October 03, 2005


Do any of you watch the ABC series Alias? Well, it is hard to believe that Vaughn is dead, and I don't really think that he is, by the way. Although this shot makes it look very convincing.

So who is this guy anyway? We were led to believe that he is perfectly straight, true-blue and all that. Some questions arise now; his name isn't even Michael Vaughn. So we are forced to wait for future episodes to fill us in. And Syd has a baby on the way. I don't think she will be able to run, jump and kick-box her way out of trouble, or if she does, she will have to use the stunt-double to a greater degree. I would say that parachuting feat was pretty risky, esp. in the first trimester. So this is the last season for both Michael and Jennifer. When will they bring in the new main characters? Hmmm....we will have to wait and see.